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      "I can't hardly believe all that Si and Shorty said about the dishonesty of Co. Q," he communed with208 himself. "Many o' the boys in it I know they're right from our neighborhood. Good boys as ever lived, and honest as the day is long. Some o' them belonged to our Sunday school. I can't believe that they've turned out bad so soon. Yet it looks awful suspicious. The last one I see around here was Jed Baskins. His father's a reggerly ordained preacher. Jed never could 've took them beans. But who on airth done it?"

      "Oh, that's fine of you!" he said ... "But it's dangerous!"

      THE 200th Ind. Volunteer Infantry had been pushed out to watch the crossings of Duck River and the movements of the rebels on the south bank of that narrow stream. The rebels, who had fallen into the incurable habit of objecting to everything that the "Yankees" did, seemed to have especial and vindictive repugnance to being watched."Probably you are right," said the Captain. "Come along, then."


      "Handle cartridges.""Howdy, Deacon. I hope you air very well."