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      All afternoon they worked within a few yards of each other, all afternoon his accusing conscience battered at his pride; and as she rose to go when the days work was over, he capitulated. He stood up also, grim and stern to the view, but beset with a shy pathetic anxiety that she would accept his regrets.

      Isabella saw, by the undaunted look with which the smith regarded De Boteler, that no good would result from this interview; and as she could not, with propriety, interfere any further, she arose, and left the apartment."I did, my lord."

      But Stephen heard her not;indeed, he was a few paces from the door ere she had finished the exclamation.Once or twice Reuben caught him in the same mood, and questioned him. But David still answered:

      "You see the popular quotation is wrong," he added; "it is the course of empire that is mentioned in the poem, and not the star."


      "She speaks my purpose," said Holgrave, as he grasped still firmer the poised weapon.


      Meantime he devoted his attention to the land he had just acquired. The Grandturzel inclosure was put under cultivation like the rest of Boarzell, and a stiff, tough, stony ground it proved, reviving all Reuben's love of a fight. He was glad to have once more, as he put it, a piece of land he could get his teeth into. Realf could not help a half resentful admiration when he saw his father-in-law's ploughs tearing through the flints, tumbling into long chocolate furrows what he had always looked upon as an irreclaimable wilderness.


      His heart swelled for an instant as the brothers retired; but the indignant flash presently passed from his eyes, and he rejoiced that no selfish consideration had prevented him from, as far as in him lay, saving the guilty soul of the deceased."Good about the poll, m?aster, wurn't it?" he saidthe older men were always more cordial towards Reuben than the youngsters. They had seen how he could work.