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      "Well, if I did," he said with dignity, "you may be sure it wasn't a gift. I gave a fair return for it ... Anyway, that's my capital. I can't spend it."

      "Never!" he cried, without any notion of his absurdity."Well, see that you don't forgit agin," growled Shorty. "We've got quite enough talent in the game already. We don't want no more to come in."

      In fact, it wasn't long till Si began to wish he had eaten an ear of corn and an apple or two less. He didn't feel very well. He turned in early, thinking he would go to sleep and be all right in the morning.Riever ground his teeth secretly. "How can you be sure?" he said with a great air of solicitude.

      So saying, he snapped a hand-cuff over Mr. Klegg's wrist and then over the arm of the seat.

      "Oh, he thinks he's irresistible!" sneered Riever. "... It was dangerous. You should have arranged to have men concealed there."

      Just then someone yelled:


      Si gave a deep groan, and up went his hands at the same moment with Shorty's.



      "I tell ye, that's no slouch of a shanty!" said he.