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      "'Tain't right to let them green boys have their hull a month to waste in foolishness," he said. "Some good man should gather it up and make a right use of it."

      Si thrust the plug of tobacco into his blouse pocket and began rolling up his sleeves.

      On the other hand, their enemy had evaded battle when they offered it to him on the place he had himself chosen, had eluded their vigorous pursuit, and now had his army in full possession of the great objective upon which the eyes of the Army of the Cumberland had been fixed for two years Chattanooga.

      Si began to fidget to get away from the crowd of eager inquirers, which Mandy noticing, she found opportunity to whisper:



      "That's a pretty slick horse you're driving," said the Lieutenant. "Looks entirely too slick to belong to Chattanooga. It's a much better horse than mine. I've a notion"