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      Help me? said Esmeralda. Why? I dont want any help.

      Oh! said Esmeralda. Should you call me a young lady now, Varley?

      Bravo! he exclaimed. That was very good. Sing another, Norman.Yes! said Mr. Helby, eagerly; and it would be so easy. His lordship could marry wherever he pleased! Do you think, anxiously, he could be persuaded to do it?

      And presently Mr. Pinchook arrived.

      He bit his lip, and looked at her. Did she know how poor he was? But a glance at her face showed him that she spoke quite innocently.

      He started and gazed at her with wild eyes.



      Varley and Norman went toward their horses, which Simon, before he left, had carefully tethered. Half-way, Varley paused and looked round at Trafford, who was following the doctor to the hut. Trafford stopped and waited, and the two men looked steadily at each other.