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      "I have persuaded Mrs. Smilt to allow of a witness to our transaction," said he. And he added, in a low tone, "The pair that I spoke of, are on the other side of the partition again; you can hear their voices, and satisfy yourself whether you know them or not."

      "'And on his feet he bound these sandals light,

      The captain expatiated upon what his three new friendsand his one old friend, Martin Disneywere to do to cheer him in his solitude at the Mount.

      "That is a morbid fancy, and one that hinders your recovery.""All married people are fools on occasion," answered Mrs. Hazelrigg. "I have often quarrelled desperately with Daniel about a mere nothingnot because he was wrong, but because I wanted to quarrel. That kind of thing clears the airlike a thunderstorm. One feels so dutiful and affectionate afterwards. Dan gave me this sapphire ring after one of our biggest rows," she added, holding up a sparkling finger.


      "You can take her up to the Engadine in June," said Mr.[Pg 205] Baynham, who had a superficial familiarity with the Continent from hearing his patients talk about their travels, he himself never having left Cornwall, except for a plunge into the metropolitan vortex during the Cattle Show week. "Or you may spend your summer in Auvergneunless you want to come home as soon as the cold weather is over."


      Coralie quickly stooped over the ferns to hide her deeply-diffused cheeks. Diva continued, apparently without noticing her confusion: