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      "Stand clear!who wants your tricks? I'm going to show him wot a man's wortha man wot's had his beard longer than this puppy's bin in the warld."

      His looks would be only slightly marred. It was the optic nerve which had been destroyed, and so far there was nothing ugly in the eyes themselves, except their vacant rolling. The eyelashes and eyebrows had been burnt off, but they were growing again, and a scar on his cheek and another on his forehead were not likely to show much in a few weeks' time. But all the life, the light, the soul had gone out of his faceit was like a house which had been gutted, with walls and roof still standing, yet with its essential quality gone from it, a ruin.

      "Stand aside, ye graceless carles! Shame to ye, cursed cravens, to serve a christian priest like an infidel! Stand back, or, by St. Nicholas! you will never die on your beds!" dealing sturdy blows as he spoke, and pressing forward to a postern beside the principal gate which was not many paces from the keep."Oh Lord!" wailed Ditch."Oh Lord!"

      "And yet, knowing this woman a witch, you would not assist in ridding the parish of such a pest?"

      The figure did not move. Reuben took a step towards it, and then it tottered forward, and to his horror fell against him, almost bearing him to the floor.

      Oakley was then led forth from the council by De Boteler, who pledged himself that the monk should not be harmed; and, after receiving, from Calverley, a part of the stipulated reward, he retired from the fortress by the way he had entered.

      "Stop;" said the baron, "the knave surrenders. Base-born churl, how dare you oppose my commands?"


      "Fust you say as how you're happy because you've got nothing, and now you say as everything's yourn. How am I to know wot you mean?""Can't you mortgage?"



      "Could you paint Boarzell?"